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We unearth original unissued lost recordings on reel tapes or acetates to release them on our label. Whether a recording is just an incomplete studio demo, a vocal take or a full raw session, we strive to handle them all respecting the original sound. We do our best to track down the songwriters and performers involved in the recordings, and royalties are paid straight away. When this is not possible, royalties are saved aside until we find out who the original artists are. Often, when we track down an Artist, we just find out they are alive, still involved in music and keen to do more stuff so we offer them the chance to release their unissued or discarded songs.

The Detroit Tapes Project, September 2019

We are proud to welcome to the world of Unissued Soul something we have been working on since almost a year. When Brad Hales from Peoples Records out of Gratiot, Detroit, invited me over to discuss "something" (precisely quoting him on the phone call) I had no idea. Turns out a posse was coming together to handle a very relevant archive of reel tapes, mainly containing demo takes out of a handful of recording Studios based in the area. After Brad's discovery and the subsequent physical restoration of the reels (baking and transferring to a workable format) done by Phil Dick, we at Cannonball Records would play the role of complete - arrange and release the material that has been rolled up on a spindle for 50 years. We have set up a little sister label called Cannonball Detroit with the not-so-easy task to handle the “artistic” side of this delicate plan. The first release is a most beautiful song from a band based in Woodward, the famous road that cuts Detroit downtown in two parts, from Royal Oak all the way down to Lake Erie. This is a release that brings us back to our roots as it presents the completed version on side A and the very original untouched and unmastered demo version that was found on the reels on Side B.

The Woodward Avenue Players

“Fire Him, Hire Me”
Side A - Completed version
Side B - Original Demo Reel-tape version
Listen here

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