Tesla Groove Cannonball Records

We venture to the most desolate places on the planet, unearthing previously unissued Soul and Funk Music on Reel Tapes hidden in the basements of long gone Recording Studios. We track down singers, composers and producers. We listen to their life and career stories and bring them back to the spot by putting their unissued compositions out there on vinyl. Tesla Groove International, Cannonball Records and 4/4 Recordings are now sailing towards release nr. 60 with a catalogue of immediate international success. Bringing also a financial reward to those long forgotten Artists. A proper quest through the decades, chasing the many talented characters who made Soul and Funk the most influential sounds of modern music, yet never made it to the mainstream. Artists who considered success through music the only way to escape from the ghetto. Our labels came to life in 2014 as a result of our first road trips to the States, recovering reel tapes from the 60s and the 70s that never went beyond the demo stage. Many of them, barely bearing a voice and a piano, needed to be completed with background music and arrangements. Once back home, we have put together a team of musicians and started to figure out the process. Cannonball Records has been described by many as the only existing Record Label commited to arrange and release vintage demo recordings through a tasty blend of philology, music production and artifacts restoration. Email us to know more.