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Cannonball Soul Weekender
November 7th - 10th - 2019

Cannonball Records yearly tribal gathering. 1 PA Live Concert, 2 Allnighters, 2 Alldayers, Thursday & Sunday Parties in Northern Italy. An International Line Up of Rare Soul Djs coming from the four corners of the world will provide you the finest in Soul, Modern Soul, Funk, Disco & Boogie. Jay Nemor And Electrified will be droppin' anticipations of the new single "Break Free" and the forthcoming Album, scheduled for release early next year on our sister label in charge of contemporary Soul Artists, Tesla Groove International Recordings.

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Thursday welcome party 10pm - 1am
Friday Allnighter 10pm - 6am
Saturday Alldayer 2pm - 8pm
Saturday Live 10pm - 11am
Saturday Allnighter 11pm - 6am
Sunday Goodbye 6pm - 12am

Collettivo Mattatoyo
Via Rodolfo Pio 4
41012 Carpi (MO) - Italy

Suggested Hotels
Hotel Touring
2 mins. walk from the venue
Superb 4S accomodation
Great deals for Cannonballers
Have a look at rooms
Drop an email to Ms. Marina to reserve
(make reference to the weekender)

or Bed and Breakfast

Best Airport
Bologna Marconi
Cheap rates from any part of Europe
Easy Jet
British Airways
German Wings
and many others

Bus from Bolo Airport
to Modena Train Station
(40mins - €15)
Then a quick train ride to Carpi
(10mins - €5)

Another great solution is to rent a city car
Bologna Airport
(from €50 for the whole weekend)