Soul and Funk Investigators

On a venture to the most desolate places of the United States finding Reel Tapes hidden in the basement of long gone Recording Studios. They track down singers, composers and producers, listen to stories from their life and career and bring them back on the spot by releasing their unissued music on vinyl. Cannonball Records, Tesla Groove International and 4/4 Recordings are now up to 40 releases of immediate international success, bringing also a financial reward to those long forgotten Artists. A proper quest through the decades, chasing the many talented characters who made Soul and Funk the most influential sounds of modern music, yet never made it to hit the mainstream. Artists who considered success through music the only way to escape from the neighbourhoods. The labels came to life in 2014 as a result of Alberto’s first road trips to the States, recovering reel tapes from the 60s and the 70s that never went beyond the demo stage. Many of them, barely bearing a voice and a piano, needed to be completed with background music and arrangements. Once back home, he has put together a team of musicians, grabbed a genuine Rhodes Piano and started to figure out the process. Cannonball Records has been described by many as the only existing Label commited to arrange and release vintage demo recordings through a great blend of philology, music production and artefacts restoration. As Alberto recalls: “There was a point in my life where I felt I was not doing what I was born for. I have always been passionate about Soul and Funk so I bought a flight to the States with the settlement I got from my previous job and started looking for rare recordings. During my stay, I started wondering what had happened to all those demos that never passed the final test of the major labels. A virtually endless lot of recordings that never made it to the market, either ending up destroyed or dumped in studio basements and warehouses in and out of towns. I then started to investigate eventually bringing back home some tapes and acetates and having them restored and arranged. The final versions were then released on limited edition vinyl 7” on the newborn imprint Cannonball Records. That’s what I've been ever since, release after release. This music would disappear forever unless we do what the Artists would have done when they walked into the Studio. We complete these songs with a modern touch, but respecting the original sound and atmosphere. At the end of the process we share the proceedings with the Artists or their relatives.”