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This project with my buddy Rocca is the natural evolution of things. We know each others since the 90’s when we have been pioneering the evolution of black american dance music as resident djs of 2 italian seminal clubs, Maffia and Rototom, very far from the house mainstream ongoing in Italy at that time. We both have been producing music since the early days, exploring different sounds, from DnB to Ninja Tune, from Paper Recordings to Glasgow Underground etc… all starting from our common rooted passion for soul and funk on vinyl. Rocca then took on his path of electronic music while myself went on the opposite direction instead, deepening the studio procedures with musicians, exploring the music writing and the arrangement techniques used in Detroit, Philadelphia and other great places back in the day. It was time to create another little label to reflect the natural evolution of the music I’m doing with the other 2 labels. Soul and Funk inspired electronic music. on 7” vinyl but spinning at 33rpm.

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