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Suggested Hotels

Hotel Touring
Superb 4S accomodation 2 mins. walk from the venue
Great deals for Cannonballers like every year
Have a look at rooms
Drop an email to Ms. Marina to reserve (make reference to the weekender)

Plenty of other hotels and Bed and Breakfast


Mattatoio Culture Club
Via Rodolfo Pio 4
41012 Carpi (MO)

Best Airport

Bologna Marconi
Cheap rates from any part of Europe
Easy Jet
British Airways
German Wings
and many others

If you are landing in Milan or other airports please get in touch and we'll assist you at best


Best is Bus from the Airport to Modena Train Station (40mins - €15)
then a quick train ride (10mins - €5) to Carpi

Another great solution is to rent a city car, which is absolutely affordable from a many companies all of them operating Bologna Airport with rates starting from €50 for the whole weekend.


Thursday welcome party 10pm - 1am
Friday Allnighter 10pm - 6am
Saturday Alldayer 2pm - 8pm
Saturday Allnighter 10pm - 6am
Sunday Goodbye 6pm - 12am